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News for 2014

2014 - November

Autism Healthcare Accommodations Tool (AHAT) available to the public

We added the public version of the AHAT to the AASPIRE Healthcare Toolkit at www.autismandhealth.org/ahat. The AHAT lets autistic adults and supporters create a customized accommodations report for healthcare providers.

2014 - 19 August

Primary Care for Adults on the Autism Spectrum published

A paper on Primary Care for Adults on the Autism Spectrum, which includes material developed by AASPIRE, has been published in Medical Clinics of North America. A PDF of the paper is available.

2014 - 8 May

AASPIRE Healthcare Tookit Web Site Launched

The AASPIRE Healthcare Toolkit web site is available at www.autismandhealth.org

The Autism Healthcare Accommodations Report (AHAT) that creates a customized report for individuals to give to their healthcare providers will be available on this site in late 2014.

2014 - 13 March

Presentation and Thank You for OCASD

We gave a presentation on the AASPIRE Healthcare Toolkit to the Oregon Commission on ASD. The Commission has been very helpful and supportive to us during the course of the project.

2014 - March

Healthcare Toolkit Study 3 Data Collection Completed

We've completed data collection for the Healthcare Toolkit Study 3. Many thanks to our particpants for their time. We will post a link to the public version of the toolkit web site soon, as well as post about publications from the project.

2014 - 28 February

AASPIRE Talk at Research to Action: Social Determinants of Health

AASPIRE was the topic of one of the talks given at Portland State University's Social Determinants of Health Research to Action Symposium in Portland, Oregon. Information about the symposium and slides for all the talks can be found on the symposium web site.

2014 - January

Paper on ACASI Program Published

We've published our first paper about the computer program we used to conduct the Partnering study. The paper is called "Development of an audio-computer assisted self-interview to investigate violence and health in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities". See Disability and Health Journal for an electronic copy.

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