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AASPIRE is currently conducting research in the areas of healthcare, employment, and violence. We have in the past done research in the area of well being, and collaborated on an online survey system.


We have been conducting a series of studies aimed at improving the healthcare of autistic adults since we started. These studies consist of:

  • Healthcare Toolkit Systems Integration – study how to best integrate the AASPIRE Healthcare Toolkit into three different health systems (Kaiser Permanente Northern California, OHSU, and Legacy Health System) and look at the effects of the toolkit on autistic patients, providers, and support staff.
  • AASPIRE Healthcare Toolkit – develop and try out an interactive healthcare toolkit meant to help improve healthcare access and quality for adults on the autism spectrum.
  • Healthcare Study 1 – better understand health care inequities, including barriers to receiving quality health care, experienced by autistic adults./p>

More information on our healthcare studies.


We have just started exploring employment with a long term goal of improving employment outcomes for autistic people.

Autism and skilled employment – understand experiences related to professional employment and use the information to develop an intervention plan.

We are currently recruiting. See Flier for Employees/Job-seekers and Flier for Supervisors/Supporters.

More information on our employment studies.


The AASPIRE Co-Directors, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, and other AASPIRE members are collaborating on “the Partnering Project” – Partnering with People with Developmental Disabilities to Address Violence and Health – to understand the relationship between violence victimization and health in people with developmental disabilities.

More information on our violence studies.

Past Topics

  • AASPIRE Internet Use, Community, & Wellbeing Study – examines topics such as Internet use, identity, sense of community, well-being, and social support among adults on the autistic spectrum and adults with and without other disabilities.
  • The Gateway Project – a secure online registration system committed to respect, inclusion, accessibility, and community relevance in collaboration with Gernsbacher Lab.

More information on past topics.

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