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What is the Partnering with People with Developmental Disabilities to Address Violence project?

The Partnering with People with Developmental Disabilities to Address Violence project uses a CBPR approach to both examine the relationship between health, disability, and interpersonal violence, and to develop, demonstrate, and evaluate how people with developmental disabilities can successfully act as full members of a research team in all phases of research. The project was conducted as a two-site (Montana and Oregon) collaboration between the academic institutions University of Montana, Portland State University, Oregon Health & Science University, and the community-based organizations Summit Independent Living Center, Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition (formerly Self Advocates as Leaders), Bitterroot People First, and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

This study is currently closed to new participants. We will be posting results as they are available.

Results Published to Date

Paper on the relationship between gender and our findings on health, violence, and disability:

Platt, L., Powers, L., Leotti, S., Hughes, R.B., Robinson-Whelen, S., Osburn, S., Ashkenazy, E., Beers, L., Lund, E.M., Nicolaidis, C. (2015). The Role of Gender in Violence Experienced by Adults With Developmental Disabilities. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Published ahead of print May 14, 2015.

Paper on our CBPR process:

Nicolaidis, C., Raymaker, D.M., Katz, M., Oshwald, M., Goe, R., Leotti, S., Grantham, L., Plourde, E., Salomon, J. Hughes, L., Powers, L. (2015). Participatory research to adapt measures of health and interpersonal violence for use by people with developmental disabilities. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action. 9(2);157-170.

Paper on the computer program used to conduct the study:

Oschwald, M., Leotti S., Raymaker, D.M., Katz, M, Goe, R., Harviston, M., Wallington, A., Howard, L., Beers, L., Nicoladis, C., Robinson-Whelen, S., Hughes, R.B., Lund, E., Powers, L.E. (2014). Development of an audio-computer assisted self-interview to investigate vilence and health in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. Disability and Health Journal. 7(3);292-301.

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